KN95 Mask 4-Layer Face Protective Sanitary Masks for Adult

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  • The kn95 mask can keep you safe from Viruses, Fog, Smog, Dust, Germs, Bacteria, Air Pollution, Allergens, And Humidity Thus Keeping You Healthy And Safe From Many Diseases.
  • High-quality kn95 mask filter media with advanced static-charged microfibers helps to make exhalation easier and inhales, thus enhancing the comfort of everyone.
  • A two-head strap design with a two-point attachment helps provide a secure fit.
  • Adjustable nose clips and comfortable foam reduce fogging and provide a more customized fit.
  • The lightweight construction improves comfort during use and increases wear time.
  • We have a lot of kn95 masks for sale.


  • Material: Non-woven Fabric
  • Color: White
  • Validity: 3 years
  • Place of Production: China

About KN95 masks:

KN95 mask can isolate smaller particles and fit tighter to the face, it is not easy to leak air from the periphery, and the filtration efficiency of particulate matter can reach 95% under standard conditions. The KN95 mask is not a disposable mask. In this special case (resource shortage), it can be reused. But there are conditions:

When KN95 receives contamination such as saliva, blood, tears and other body fluids, it must be replaced

The user obviously feels that the breathing resistance is greater than before and must be replaced

Masks are damaged and must be replaced

It is recommended to replace it after using it 4 times.

However, masks cannot be reused if people go to the hospital, come into contact with an infected person, or are suspected to be infected.

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